R 5 000 – R 30 000 
funeral assist starting from as little as
R 60 per month / R 2.00 per day
Ages 18 – 95

Have a look at Funeral Assist's benefits...

Our In-life benefits

  • Save more with our Herminix myWorld International Cashback membership
  • 24-Hour emergency and medical advice support: Emergency First Aid advice
    • Trauma Counselling
    • Medical Advice Line
    • C5 HIV/AIDS Prevention program
  • 24h00 Legal Assist and Bail Assistance up to R 6,000
  • First consultation with Lawyer free.
  • Assistance with clearing of bad credit record
  • Assistance with Garnishee Order Investigations
  • Qualify for special rates on Car Insurance
  • Qualify for special rates on Life Assurance
  • Up to 10% Discount for Study Courses at Colleges in South Africa

Product benefits

  • Funeral Assist benefits as per chosen membership
  • Repatriation anywhere in South Africa and neighbouring countries to the value of R 20,000 per year
  • Save up to R 750 per month with our Shoprite/Checkers eCoupons program
  • Save up to R 750 per month with our Pick n Pay eCoupons
  • Save up to R 750 per month with our Dischem Saving eCoupons
  • The removal from place of death (anywhere in South Africa) Maximum of R 900 per claim
  • Storage to a miximum of R 1,000.